Hi there... I'm Brian, the mind (and soul) behind SoulConnect.me.

If you have ever asked yourself questions like:

  • How can I get more out of life?
  • How can I learn to be more present in my life?​
  • Why does spirituality always appear so damn complicated?
  • What can I do to create a better world (for myself and others)?

​Or if you ever just needed a stronger connection to the people you love (no matter if was because of stress, addiction, sedation, etc.)

...you are in the right place.

Now, the purpose of this site is not to make me a "guru". In fact, quite the opposite...

When it comes to spirituality, I consider myself a novice (and sometimes even a skeptic fool).

Me doing a bit of hypnosis (huge hobby of mine)

The reason I created this website is...

​even with all the great advice on the internet, I'm often left with more questions than answers.

So what can you expect from SoulConnect.me?

The purpose of the site is to take knowledge about meditation, mindfulness & spirituality and distil it into easy to understand actionable information.

"Spirituality is supposed to be so simple that even a child can understand its wisdom." 

The hard part (for me at least) is to consistently apply this knowledge to my life.

When I first started dabbling with meditation and trying to connect spiritually, I found it daunting. Sometimes I still do.

So the name SoulConnect.me also serves a deeper purpose: To connect my soul (and hopefully others) and let the soul tell the stories that ultimately become our lifes.

Love & Light

Brian H. Lagoni​